Hello Marek,

Thank you again for your amazing work!
Jake Whitman
(June 2022)


Dear Mr. Rimsky,

I wanted to thank you so much for the work you did and the information you were able to provide to my family and I, especially my aging father who always wanted “Old Country” information but never had it.  

Several immediate family members here in the US have tried to find immigration records and such but were always stopped because of a Surname spelling changed. It was much like a roadblock for us and we could never get past it.

Using your knowledge and expertise, you were able to help find all the records back in Slovakia that we needed to be able to put our family puzzle together. My family can not thank you enough.  You were most professional to work with so again, thank you so much on behalf of my family.

Warmest regards,
Darrell Hornick

(September 2020)


Dear Mr. Rímsky,

I appreciate your feedback. I suppose its nearly impossible to find more information that dates back too far. You have been a wonderful help my friend. I'm glad I contacted you Mr. Rímsky. Hope you have a blessed day kind sir!

With much respect, M. Pillis

(April 2015)


Dear Mr. Rimsky,

Thank you very much for the good work, I'm very satisfied with your service and the quick feedback.

Sincerely, Anette Nezval.

(March 2015)


"You are brilliant! Thank you Marek!"

Mary Anne Hanis (again), USA

(April 2014)


„Marek, I have read on several websites that your services are very, very good and trustworthy! Thank you so much, Marek for your help. I will look forward to meeting you! I am very happy with your work - you are a very quick researcher!“

Mary Anne Hanis, USA

(August 2014)




I just want to thank you for this research. We would need your service again.“

Randy C. Lacey, Cleveland, Ohio

(August 2014)



„Thank you, Marek. It's been nice working with you. :) „

Mary Christian, Wisconsin, USA

(September 2013)



 „Thank you so much for all of this. I am very pleased with the quality of your research and your notes are very understandable and easy to follow. You've answered some questions for me and I am very pleased that I now know more about my ancestors from Slovakia. Thank you for your good research “

Janet English, Pittsburgh, USA

(July 2013)



„…I really do appreciate the insight and information concerning the economic situation of Slovakia in the time period of when my grandfather came to the U.S. It will help me put together my story. Also, many thanks for the information about obtaining a birth record.“

Teresa Semrek, USA

(May 2013)



„…On behalf of my sister, I thank you for your attention to this matter.“

Christopher Triplett, USA 

(May 2013)



„Dear Marek,

this is very good work!  Thank you for your absolutely excellent research!

I'm eager to see if you uncover anything from your searches of the archives.“

Cristopher Jambor, USA

(December 2012)



„I inquired and later checked Mr. Rimsky credentials. Once I was satisfied I decided to hire Mr. Rimsky for the job. As this kind of research takes time and I am not able to leave Canada for the extended period of time, I had to look for somebody who is experienced, worked in archives, knows local history and has at least some working knowledge of German, Latin and Hungarian. Mr. Rimsky fit all my requirements.“

Dagmar Olsav, Toronto, Canada

(November 2012)



„…it was a delight meeting you. Your information was so important to us, we are anxious for any more that might be available.“

John Koncher, England

(May 2009)