Genealogical research - archive research, reconstructing family history, creating family trees, photographic documentation of sites connected to one's ancestors (buildings, churches, gravestones, etc.), surname etymology

Ancestral tours - We cooperate with travel agency "Dovolenka" (Holiday) and we can arrange for you sightseeing tours with guide to all the places you would like to visit and all the other things you would need as accommodation, transport from the airport etc. Also we can find people in Slovakia who are relatives of your travelers, if they have lost a contact with them, or even never knew about them.

 Information needed for the research:

 At the start following data are necessary :

- ancestor´s name and surname,

- his/her birthday, day of marriage or day of death (preferably before year 1895),

- name of the municipality, where your ancestor was born, got married or died,

- his/her religion.